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It is our aim to introduce every student to Jesus Christ and encourage them to develop a personal relationship with God.


The Chaplaincy program at Edinburgh has a wholistic approach to its ministry to the students, teachers and families of the College. We endeavour to offer spiritual, emotional, physical and academic support to our very valued students and their families.

The Chaplain organises worship programs, a weekly chapel program, offers both individual and group Bible studies, and spiritual and emotional support to the College family as a whole.

Our school students are invited to visit our local Adventist church and take a worship program. This is another opportunity to grow the ministry skills of the students and also give a platform for our musical groups to share their talents.

Chapels and Assemblies

The focus of chapel is a spiritual one, where we acknowledge God as our creator. Secondary assemblies involve a variety of activities, games, panel discussions and guest speakers throughout the year.

Every Monday morning from 9 – 10am, our students and staff start the week together.

Our desire is to worship God as a community and gather together as a whole school.

Student Leadership

Edinburgh College chapels programs are student-led. From the behind the scenes to front of stage, students are encouraged and mentored by staff to plan and deliver engaging and professional programs for their peers.

Our students grow by being involved, building confidence as they learn to take up challenges in all areas of school life.